MY Studio


MY Studio

The studio was founded in 2010 in a small space, close to the Art Center in the picturesque surroundings of Givat Haviva. Here, Monika Yzchaki, a teacher and jewellery designer started to work and teach silversmithing in private and small groups.


In 2012, the studio moved to a more spacious space inside the art center. Here, the studio’s activity expanded to include one-time workshops, team building workshops, workshops for couples, felt workshops, educational workshops for schools, and workshops for visiting crafters from abroad.


The studio is equipped with professional tools, which allow for  a wide range of basic techniques (sawing, welding, drilling, polishing, etc.) and advanced ones (enamel, wax carving, etching, etc.). At the studio, there are workstations equipped with personal tools for each student. A personal reference booklet, professional literature, and a wide range stock of pictures and websites support the learning environment in the studio.


Here, the MY MONIKA YZCHAKI Brand , which headlines the creative work and ongoing activities, was born.


            “I am happy to get to know you and to accompany you to realize your dream”



                                                                                                                                           Monika Yzchaki



When Monika Yzchaki was young, she already dreamt of becoming a silversmith, jeweler designer, and artist.

Born, brought up, educated, and graduated with a teacher diploma in Germany, Monika Yzchaki found a new home in  Israel more than 30 years ago. She was fascinated by the extremes, contrasts, and warmth of  people and weather, brightness of colors, multitude of ancient history and rough landscapes the country offered.

Surrounded by these contrasts and extremes and the notion that they can work together, fit in, complete each other, give and change value, she returned to her old dream and started to create.

Today, Monika connects primitive with modern, and traditional technique with contemporary design in her work.

Monika’s jewellery has a unique rough, unfinished, broken, or “split”appearance,

achieved through utmost care and high quality craftsmanship and combines metals like gold, silver, copper, precious stones, pearls, found objects, and recycled materials.

All the pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited editions.

Wearing her jewelry says who you are, makes a statement, and shows your uniqueness, strength, and confidence.


MY Vision

The vision of MY studio was to create a learning and creative atmosphere and a home, which gives space to individualism for beginners and experienced jewelers alike. Mutual inspiration, a fertile environment, and collaboration guide the students and artisans to create the jewellery and artwork they fantasized about and dreamed of, to acquire independence, confidence, and to broaden their horizons, while having fun and making dreams come true.


Over the years, Monika has studied silversmithing at Ort Hermelin College Netanya, with Izik Hadad,

who gave her a wide fundamental knowledge in silversmithing techniques, and continued with

Shirly Bar Amotz, a lecturer at the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, who opened the doors to creative thinking for her.


© 2017 by Monika Yizchaki 



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